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4th June 2012

Canopy wins SA Government tender for Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) training.

Canopy has won a tender to provide Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) training to five Indigenous land owner groups and five non-Indigenous groups of farmers. This training is to be provided over the next year in the South Australian Arid Lands Natural Resources Management Board (SAALNRMB) region, funded by Landcare, the SAALNRMB and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. As part of the agreement, Canopy will be writing two articles for “Across the Outback” magazine to explain how carbon credits might be created on the rangelands.

Canopy’s Executive Director Leonard Cohen is a recognised expert in carbon biosequestration and a sought-after educator. Canopy has now delivered training on the CFI to over 100 people. The CFI provides opportunities to farmers and landholders to generate income by undertaking projects either to build carbon stores or reduce harmful greenhouse gases via methods that can also improve soil quality and land management practices and protect biodiversity.